Platform: iOS.

Goal: implement the application, that let you mark the places on the world map, where you, actually, been =)

The target is to fill the whole globe, of course!

The original app was focused on the USA, so the customer wanted to have the desired level of granularity for all countries as well.
  • Full world map
  • Accurate
  • Simple interface
  • Pay attention to all countries
Implementation and technology stack
To simplify the interface problem, it was decided to replicate an already existing and confirmed to work well "been" application solution, altering the colors and dropping the 3D effect — the users could live without that easily, while that massively reduce the development costs.

With those questions settled, our next task was to cut the map into many pieces — a very painstaking task, considering the map scale and the size of some countries on it, like Monaco or islands of Greece — a jewelry precision job.

Once the design part was done, implementation took us a few part-time weeks, including the testing.