Platform: iOS & Android

Goal: application & platform for freight transportation like Uber Freight or Convoy
It all began with a business decision to automate the most frequent, repeating requests that came from clients, e.g. how much does it cost to book a truck from point A to point B? Which truck will fit my needs? Are loading services included? When will the truck arrive?

Later it became clear that implementation will also let to scale the service to other regions, providing additional services for clients and drivers.
The task was to create an application, that covers most processes of the existing business model, thus enabling to optimize the workload for employees, make the work process more convenient and allow expanding the business with new customer features and services.
  • Android & iOS
  • Application for drivers
  • Administrative interface
  • Navigation and route planning
  • Costs management
  • Dispatching and time estimate
  • Ability to build complex routes
  • Customer feedback
Admin panel
From a technical point of view, the app should include 2 key points: route planning and navigation, the background GPS tracking on various devices, especially on Android phones, and different payment options, including card payment, and Apple & Google Pay.

Since ReactNative extended with 3rd party libraries, offers a way to solve all the mentioned problems, we offered and get approved this stack to cut out up to 2 times the costs and time to market.
PostgreSQL as database provider with ORM layer on the backend side on Node.JS for velocity and reliability.

For map navigation, we selected Google Maps and its API for route planning and price estimations paired with Terrasoft background GPS solution, to get it working out of the box with various Android devices.

App development implemented in weekly sprints, with automatic application build and deployment (CI/CD).