Club app
Platform: iOS, Android.

Goal: socializing and information exchange platform for a specific club.

Combined functionality of Messenger, StackExchange & Medium services.
Architecture and design
Key work on that project was focused on user research and strategic sessions, to make sure the unit economics works for the app. Once the goals and functionality were done, the tasks were sliced to the project management milestones.

User research and surveys, followed by market research and experts knowledge in group dynamics, let us create a user experience easy to understand and to use, where users would keep communicating and generating the content, for the club’s virtual space to grow.

Considering the technology limits at the time, we offered native development, scalable database — PostgreSQL, messaging server — ejabberd and a scalable Linux infrastructure.
Key functionality
  • Profiles
  • Geo-location
  • Votes
  • Likes on articles, messages, and profiles
  • Messenger like communication
  • Knowledge database