News Crowdsourcing
Platform: iOS, Android, Web

Business requirements: implement news crowdsourcing and/or expert knowledge-gathering, which is applied as a business model in numerous news agencies.

Every person, exposed to some information that could be considered of interest to others, shares it with the media to publish.
Functional requirements
Provide a platform for news agencies, editors in chief and their assistants, as well as a 'normal' readers, that would scale up to tens of thousands of users.
Functionality Mind map
Initial analysis and functionality brain-storming were performed with the customer and off-line, and initially, it was structured as a mind map, to quickly catch things, logic, and key functionality.
Architecture and implementation
The goal was big, but the resources were limited, so we started looking for an 80/20 principle solution — one, that would give us 80% of the features set for a 20% resource cost.

Decoupling the functionality, we concluded, that it sounds pretty much like a highly customized Content Management System (CMS). We just needed one, that could be controlled via the API, as opposed to the web interface — something that luckily exists and represents a separate systems class — headless CMS.

During the market analysis, we left ready to use solutions from the leaders of that niche, since commercial offerings with per page/user pricing were killing the whole unit economy on the spot.

With all that, we choose Strapi — as it is an actively developed Open Source solution, quick to deploy to Heroku, maintaining the possibility to move the infrastructure on-premises, to reduce the costs, when needed.

And, certainly, PostgreSQL as a database, to keep things safe and scalable.

Once the functionality was finalized and UX/UI with a customer journey map was formed, the application was implemented, deployed and passed over to the client