Unix FreeBSD
Elegant, easy, time proven operating system.
Datacenter, server, OS
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Functionality in place
  • GPS map tracking
  • Profiles and social network features
  • Chat with functionality to send pictures
  • Work availability schedule
  • Various services for service participants
  • Pets information
  • Notifications and phone confirmation
  • Administrative interface
How it began
When we started with the customer, we got quite a detailed technical requirement and understanding of the general idea — give people an ability to provide help and care about the pets via the iOS & Android mobile apps.

From the functionality side, it was required to create a scalable application with numerous functions, including GPS tracking on the map, chat, administrative interface, specialized profiles for pet owners and caregivers, commenting, ratings, SMS validation, new events and chat messages push notifications.

To make sure we addressed all of the issues, we applied our usual workflow to decrease uncertainty by making requirements visual.
User Flow
And we started with translating the text to the mockups of the screens, followed by UX/UI design and creating Customer Journey Map — as a result, we got fullest technical requirements and visual clear understanding on what shall be done.
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